10 Web Calculators Building Websites

Web Calculators are needed on commercial sites to boost conversion rates and improve customers’ engagement. Even for blogs on financial subjects like investment or taxation need a web calculator for its readers. A simple calculator can make your website look more trusted in the eyes of your readers. We have published below a list of ten websites where you can create amazing calculators.

Just for the sake of honesty, we are also in this business of letting people create a calculator for WordPress and other sites as we have a calculator GS2WP Calculator plugin and also a SaaS product .So we have not given an opinion about good or bad about our competitors. That is for you -our esteemed readers- to decide

List of 10 Web Calculators Builder Sites

Building a Web Calculator is not an easy job. If these calculations go wrong or the layout is complex there is a chance that you will lose the traffic for your website. 

1. uCalc:

The service provided by uCal makes forms for websites, instant messengers, social networks for free in 10 minutes. To use it, you need to register. Then everything is simple: you can build the calculator all alone or through a template. Its blanks are divided into 12 popular categories: household appliances, delivery service, real estate, beauty, health, etc.


  1. It’s Free: Choose from dozens of customizable, ready-to-use templates by industry or build one from scratch.
  2. Convenient: With the visual editor, quickly add sliders, lists, checkboxes. Collect contacts and accept payments – everything is at your fingertips!
  3. Effective: Improve the SEO performance of your website, get an email, and SMS notifications about orders, send messages to clients.
  4. Multi-purpose: Use a calculator on your website, or share its link via messengers, social media, and email.
  5. Any Restriction: Minimum of 3 projects needed. 
  6. WordPress plugins?: Yes

Price range: Depending on the number of projects it goes from $0 to $19 per month.

2. Calconic.com

This is a set of widgets that includes an online calculator. Unlike others, it’s a request collection form. It may be advantageous for sites that provide services at prices above average, in order not to scare away the real figures. There is a free version with 5 active calculators and 500 impressions.


  1. Custom Design: Customize color, text, and more to complement your website’s design.
  2. Universal: Build anything from a simple to a more complex calculator with a wide range of additional features.
  3. Templates:   Choose from a variety of customizable ready-to-use templates.
  4. Responsive: Looks great on both mobile and desktop websites.
  5. Payments: You can collect orders and payment
  6. WordPress Plugin : NO

Price range:  Depending on the number of projects.price in calconi.com goes from $0 to $55 per month.

3. JsCalc.io

JSCalc.io is a web service to create embeddable, mobile-friendly calculators by writing a single script. Features of this calculator building website are :

  1. Functions: You can write your own scripts to calculate anything. Integrated with Math.js, Moment.js, and Lo-Dash.js libraries.
  2. Platforms: Calculators can be embedded in any website or web application.
  3. Responsive: All calculators are 100% mobile and touchscreen-friendly.
  4. WordPress plugin: NO

Price range: Depending on the number of projects it goes from $0 to $49.9 per month.

4. Calculoid:

Calculoid platform for creating web calculators. It is a platform for creating interactive web calculators which can be easily published into your website. Salient features are :

  1. Functions:Calculate anything like an Excel Spreadsheet. Easily, online, and in real-time.
  2. Custom design:Design and brand your calculators easily so it looks like a native part of your website.
  3. Platforms: Calculators can be embedded in any website or web application. Easily and with no effort.
  4. WordPress plugin: NO

Price range: Depending on the number of projects it goes from $0 to $99 per month.

5.Convert Calculator:

This easy to build calculator gives you the opportunity to build any type of lead capture calculator form your business needs. Salient features of this website are

  1. Leads capture: Capture more leads quicker and follow up with confidence.
  2. No coding skills required
  3. The powerful calculation: If you know how to use Excel or Google Spreadsheets, you can use our tool.
  4. Accept online payments: Accept online payments directly from a calculator.
  5. Powerful integrations: Hubspot, MailChimp, Slack, Stripe, you name it. We integrate with 1000+ apps through Zapier.
  6. WordPress plugin: Yes

Price range: Depending on the number of projects it goes from $15 to $50 per month.


Calcapp actually creates  calculators that  can be embedded in a website, but also run as an app on iOS and Android. It uses Excel-like formulas—with support for close to 300 functions—to the fields of your calculator app.  

Pricing $9 to $49 per month paid annually


Create Apps for simple to complex calculations to assist the finance functions in your organization. You can create calculators limited to your imagination. No WordPress plugins .

Pricing: From $15 till $25 per month


Boost Your Marketing with the Interactive ContentUse Outgrow’s simple, no-code tools to acquire qualified leads.Use Outgrow To Make ROI Calculator, Pricing Calculator, Growth Calculator, Website Calculator, etc.

Pricing: From $14 till $600 per month


Build Web Calculators for Your Website Within Minutes, Boost user engagement and Increase leads and sales, Get better customer insights. 

PRICING: From $0 till $159 per month

10. GS2WP Calculator

Nobody can match the power of computation of Google Spreadsheet. So , how will you feel if you can create a web calculator using all the functions and formulas of Google sheet that is available to you?

GS2WP Calculator as a WordPress plugin works with a companion addon for Google sheet. So create your calculator and push the publish button on google sheet and a calculator shortcode appears in your WordPress site. Read more about GS2WP Calculator

Pricing : $139 for 3 calculators per annum.