2 Easy Way to Export Learndash Courses in 2022

export learndash courses

Why export Learndash courses? Well there maybe many reasons . One is to use the course data on another website ,i.e you want to migrate the online course to another domain or server. Another reason may be to simply back up course, lesson and topics data with yourself.

What are the two ways to export LearnDash courses?

The two methods of exporting courses are –

  1. Export courses through LearnDash only and
  2. Export through our plugin to an excel file format (XLSX).

Export courses through LearnDash itself

LearnDash with version 4.3 onwards provides a method to migrate its courses to another website having the LearnDash . So the facility to export LearnDash courses is in JSON or XML format . This you can do so by navigating to your wp-admin -> LearnDash LMS -> Settings -> Advanced -> Import/Export. . When you click export , following choice will be presented to select Post Type,Export Type or Contents that you want to export,

export learndash course

You can read more about export on LearnDash site

Export Learndash courses in excel file format.

Why will export LearnDash courses using our plugin when LearnDash provides a mechanism to export the courses? There can be many .For example , the LearnDash course export happens in XML format , which is quite efficient way of export as far as browsers and other applications are concerned, but iit is never easy to read by a person who is not developer .In contrast, a course created can easily read from a CSV file if the courses and all its data are exported in CSV which is readable by excel spreadsheet or Numbers on Mac. Watch the video below , to see how easy it is to export LearnDash courses

What fields are exported in XLSX format?

A total number of thirty six (36) fields are easily exported. Six fields from Courses, Fifteen fields pertaining to Lessons and Title.

Course TitleCourse CategoryCourse TagCourse ContentCourse Featured ImageCourse Status (Publish/Draft)
Lesson TitleLesson CategoryLesson TagLesson ContentEnable Video Progresson(Y/N)Video Lesson URLAuto start Video (Y/N)Show video Control(Y/N)When To show(After/Before)Auto Complete Lesson (Y/N)Hide Complete Button (Y/N)Allow Comment (Y/N)Lesson OrderLesson Featured ImageLesson Status (Publish/Draft)
Topic TitleTopic CategoryTopic TagTopic ContentEnable Video Progresson(Y/N)Video Topic URLAuto start Video (Y/N)Show video Control(Y/N)When To show(After/Before)Auto Complete Lesson (Y/N)Hide Complete Button (Y/N)Allow Comment (Y/N)Topic OrderTopic Featured ImageTopic Status (Publish/Draft)

So, if you install our Learndash Course Importer Plugin on a site and wants to use for importing the exported course , you can easily do so.

How to Export Learndash Courses to Other LMS

If you export courses using our plugin in an excel file , you can easily migrate the courses to other LMS like LifterLMS or Tutor LMS or Sensei LMS. Yes, off course you need to install our course import plugin on those website .See , one such demo of exporting Learndash course to LifterLMS


Whether you like this or that way , it is certainly possible to export Learndash courses within minutes and migrate , if you wish , to any other LMS easily .