Build Web & Mobile Calculator Apps With Google Sheet as a Backend

There are a plethora of Web apps or mobile Apps creator, but the real problem you will face is when the calculator you got is built traditionally at the time of revision. This often happens when the parameters of calculation change. Say you created a calculator for computing the price of a product or, say, a tax calculator. Such calculators constantly need revisions. And that is not only a headache but also costs money.

Here comes the solution: Google Sheet as Backend

How about giving you control of changing formulas or certain inputs whenever you want and the effect coming to your web calculator or mobile apps in a flash?

We Custom Build Calculator with Most Powerful Compute Engine Behind !

There are many web calculators and mobile app builders , but all of them lack two most crucial things -power in hand of user to change the formula and other things in a calculator and freedom of using any formula that is available to everyone. We just over come this and every web or mobile calculator that we build for you will have both these aspect . So, once we deliver, you can change formula or computations at your will.



Web Calculators from Google Sheet

Web Calculator with Google sheet as backend. No matter whether your website is WordPress or Six or Square space , give your idea or better still idea of a calculator and we will create it for you  !

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Interior Design

Calculator Mobile Apps from Google Sheet

Calculator Mobile Apps – Android & iPhone with Google Sheet as backend. We will create your calculator mobile apps that you can always control through Google sheet as backend.

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“Form ever follows function.”

– Louis Sullivan