Building a Stock Screener App within 30 Minutes Without Any Coding for Free

stock screener app

We see a lot of different stock screeners. It’s very overwhelming to even imagine creating these complex stock market screeners. But what if you can create an app screener of your own without any coding or complexities? 

Developing this kind of stock screener can be intimidating at first. But, don’t worry,  there’s an easy way. If you are not a developer this may be the easiest path for you to create a screener of your own for any market worldwide.

Requirements for Building Stock Screener App

For the screener, we will need google sheets. It will act as a backend. We are going to combine the power of Google Sheets with our Gs2Web Saas (A WordPress version of it is also available) framework that converts a Google spreadsheet to a web page with a click of a button.  

We will not be going into the complexities of how to build a stock screener, let it be the topic for future blog posts. We just wanted to demonstrate that using a simple google sheet combined with GS2 Web Saas , we can build some complex applications in no time. If something can be done via the conventional path of building an app, we bet it will take huge numbers of hours and consequent cost to you. 

So, let me summarize what you need to accomplish the task.

  1. Google Sheet
  2. GS2Web Saas addon premium access
  3. Data of companies with ticker symbols
  4. Two magical formulas of Google sheet
    • Google Finance
    • Query Function

Just so you know, GS2Web Saas (WordPress version of it is also available) access is free for a month after registration which does not require any credit card information needed.

Formulae Used in making this stock screener

We used the google finance formula and the syntax goes around like this:

GOOGLEFINANCE(ticker, [attribute], [start_date], [end_date|num_days], [interval])

You can read and understand the formula from here.

To find the stock symbol when a user types the stock name, we used the SQL query. The syntax goes like this:

QUERY(data, query, [headers])

You can read and understand the formula from here.

You can watch the below youtube video to understand how the stock screener works. 

Demo of Stock Screener App From Google Sheet

If you think of building a stock screener of your own, do try building using Google Sheets. It has a lot of inbuilt features that will help you to build it very efficiently and quickly. Do try building it and if you face any issues, comment down so we can look into it.