How to Bulk Publish WordPress Posts or Pages with SEO Metadata?

bulk publish wordpress
bulk publish wordpress

In WordPress, you can create posts or pages one by one. Each post or page has several associated tasks like filling SEO metadata, feature images, category selection, tags, and hyperlinking specific keywords. While this can be perfectly alright, there may be many reasons why creating posts or pages one by one is a considerable time and energy consumption exercise. The bulk importing posts or pages in WordPress can save time, reduce errors, and help you quickly and efficiently publish or update content on your site.

Reasons to Bulk Publish WordPress Posts or Pages

There are several reasons why someone might want to bulk import posts or pages in WordPress:

  1. If you’re moving from another platform to WordPress, you may want to bulk import your existing content to avoid the time-consuming process of manually recreating each post or page.
  2. If you have multiple contributors to your site, bulk importing can be an efficient way to get all their posts or pages published simultaneously rather than manually publishing each one.
  3. If you need to update a large number of posts or pages on your site, bulk importing can help you quickly make changes to all of them at once.
  4. When launching a new site, bulk importing can help you quickly populate your site with content, making it look more professional and engaging to visitors.
  5. If you have a large collection of content, bulk importing can help you quickly create an archive or library of your past posts or pages, making them easy for visitors to browse and discover.

How WordPress Bulk Publish Plugin saves time and effort.

It is a no-brainer that the WordPress Bulk Publish Plugin, which we just updated, lets you create hundreds of posts or pages, either live or in draft mode, saving huge time for the website owners. Importing WordPress posts from an XLSX or CSV file can be a quick and easy way to migrate content from another platform or add new posts in bulk.

  1. It lets you fill a short excel template for importing posts or page.
  2. Instead of creating each post or page individually, bulk importing allows you to upload multiple positions simultaneously, saving you time that can be better used elsewhere.
  3. You can put Yoast SEO or MathRank SEO metadata in the excel template file.
  4. Importing posts or pages in bulk ensures consistency across all your posts. By formatting all posts in the same way and following the same conventions, you can create a more professional and cohesive look for your site.
  5. Bulk importing can quickly and easily migrate all your existing content to your new site if you’re moving from another platform to WordPress. Instead of copying and pasting each post individually, you can export them from your old platform and import them into WordPress.

Demo Video WordPress Bulk Publish Plugin

Overall, bulk importing of posts through the WordPress Bulk Publish Plugin can be a powerful tool for WordPress users looking to save time, reduce errors, and ensure consistency across their posts.