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Why Selling Articles Individually Benefits Readers and Writers !

Sell Single post easily

In the bustling landscape of online content consumption, the debate between subscription-based models and individual article purchases continues to divide publishers and readers alike. While subscriptions offer convenience and potentially lower costs for avid readers, they can also deter casual visitors who prefer to consume content on a per-article basis. However, there’s a solution that […]

How to Bulk Publish WordPress Posts or Pages with SEO Metadata?

bulk publish wordpress

In WordPress, you can create posts or pages one by one. Each post or page has several associated tasks like filling SEO metadata, feature images, category selection, tags, and hyperlinking specific keywords. While this can be perfectly alright, there may be many reasons why creating posts or pages one by one is a considerable time […]

A New WordPress Commenting System

wordpress comment plugin

Sticky Comment WordPress plugin is the newest and revolutionary commenting system that does away the spammy comments, saves space, decrease page size and increases users participation on your published articles or matters. Why new commenting system for WordPress? There were two prime motivations for creating this commenting system : First was to address a problem […]

How to Publish News Feeds From Google Sheet to WordPress?

rss feed in google sheet

We have launched a new WordPress plugin GS2WP Calculator that allows a user to publish a web calculator (fully responsive) on WordPress.(Soon for all site also !) . But this plugin is capable of many things other than just a calculator. This post is, therefore, a tutorial in two parts: How to fetch feeds in […]

Google Spreadsheet to Woocommerce Virtual Products

How to create WooProduct

There may be many WordPress plugins that allows import of products from CSV , but now there is simple WordPress plugin that lets you create virtual products on your Google Spreadsheet and the moment you publish the sheet , the products are updated in your Woocommerce based WordPress site.The GSheetPress Shop WordPress plugin works with […]

How to Embed Audio to Images in WordPress ?

Audio image

If you want to embed audio in an images published on WordPress ,now it is possible . There maybe variety of reasons that the audio embedded to an image can be helpful to a site owner . First and foremost benefit is the enlargement of audience. Say , you have published a post which is […]

How to Use CSV for Multiple Answer Quiz in LearnPress ?

How to import to csv multiple answer quiz in learnpress 1

CSV Quiz Import plugin for LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin for WordPress-  well make life of a course creator easy . As you know that each course curriculum can have many quiz sets . One of the type of quiz that a course creator can create is questions with multiple correct answers. Now creating multiple […]

How to use excel to post on WordPress including Yoast SEO meta data

How to use excel for posts and page in wordpress

Excel to Post or Page WordPress plugin is the easiest way to post articles  on WordPress straight from excel spreadsheet to WordPress. Using excel spreadsheet is common everywhere. So if you open a simple excel template and fill the column for title , description , categories, tags and give image file name ……………..and just upload […]