Excel to Learndash QuizzesCreating quiz on excel spreadsheet is an easy task . Now , LearnDash is the best LMS for WordPress ( the other is Sensei LMS) . Excel spreadsheet can be easily used for creating quizzes for LearnDash courses. The choice of excel spreadsheet for creating quizzes is its easiness and popularity among masses. Further , if the process of creation of quizzes on the courseware plugin LearnDash is analyzed , one word can sums up . It is tedious and time taking. Create questions one by one and save it . Everytime you same , the website connects to your database on server and saves each quizzes ……..so it is labour intensive and time consuming process.

Here Comes Excel Importer for LearnDash !

In order to save on time and creating an easy way to create the questions i.e quizzes for learndash, we have developed a wordpress plugin which , once installed , will let you import the quizzes created on an excel spreadsheet or even google spreadsheet , but saved as xlsx file . Now the process is open the special microsoft excel templates created by us for a type of quiz e.g MCQs template for creating four even five options quizzes and then save it with quiz name e.g Geography.xls.

When it is imported , the quiz will be shown listed as Geography.

7 Types of Quizzes That Can be Imported !

Excel to LearnDash plugin will allow you to import all kinds of quizzes that is possible with the LearnDash plugin. So , following types of quizzes that can be imported

  1. Cloze Answer Type
  2. Multi Answer Type
  3. Single Answer Type
  4. Assessment Answer Type
  5. Sort Answer Type
  6. Matrix Sort Answer Type
  7. Free Answer Type


Watch Video to See How Easy it is !

First Latest Version 3.2

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