11 Premium Addons for Learndash

Here are our ten extension plugins for LearnDash that will no only increase your  productivity but will provide security, flexibility and usability of the course.Each of these wordpress plugin will add one new facilities for the Learndash course creators.For example- import learndash quiz , import courses, analyse user’s activities ,add facilities for note taking for learndash course students,provide chat facilities exclusively between student and teacher, get a survey of quiz questions quality from your student etc. Here is the list

Excel Spreadsheet to Learndash Quiz Importer

It’s a featherweight plugin that works very strongly by letting you create & import quiz question on excel spreadsheet. Excel Spreadsheet to LearnDashIt can save you hundreds of man hours in creating the quiz one by one. Now just type the quiz on a special excel spreadsheet template and import it.

    • One common excel template for many quizzes imports
    • Quiz with images & video too
    • Custom score, Categories Learn More


twoExport Learndash Quiz to Excel or Doc Format

Export Quizzes from LearnDash to ExcelYou can exports quizzes from WordPress dashboard in one click.The quiz can be exported in either Doc or XLSX format. You can export quizzes either quiz wize or all quizzes together.

  • Export in Doc format
  • Export in Excel Format
  • Just one click!

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threeExcel to LearnDash Course Importer

LearnDash Course ImporterOpen excel template provided with the plugin and start creating courses, lessons, topics with related categories, tags etc. on a special excel template. If you use it with our quiz importer, you can create a course site in hours rather than days and months ( provided you have content ready !).Then just import it. Everything goes to the perfect place in LearnDash


  • One Simple Excel Template
  • Just fill in Course, Lessons & Topics columns
  • Fill related categories, tags etc
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fourExport Learndash Course to Excel Spreadsheet

Now you can easily export learndash courses with a click of the button in WordPress admin dashboard. The export format is Excel /CSV . Two excellent use for this plugin are :

LearnDash to Excel or Doc

  • If want to shift the learndash from one site to another, it will make your life easier because the export of the courses, lessons, topics happen along with categories s, tags etc in the same format that is required for importing the course by our course import plugin. So export the courses and just import to another site using our course import plugin.
  • You can also keep a back copy of the course, lessons and topic at one place in one excel spreadsheet.
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fiveLearnDash Chat Plugin

When you are running educational courses forlearndash chat plugin 2 students, one of the vital tools for teaching is the conversation between teacher and student.This new extension plugin is offering that facility exactly. Once installed a , student of a course can chat with the teacher of that course or group leader . He/she can also send the offline message or send the assignment.

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AddNote Plugin for LearnDash

Give your students facilities to write notes while going through your course materials . The specialty of this note taking plugin is that the moment notes are written by a user , it is automatically saves it  in his profile/admin page with the title of the page where the notes were locatedaddnote


  • Very easy to take notes
  • The note is saved automatically!
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Learndash Unique ID on Certificate Generator Plugin

learndash unique certificate idWhen a user enrol to a course and finally completes the course, learndash issues a certificate that shows the grade, course name and other details. But what is the authenticity of the certificate? What if an employer wants to verify if the person who has submitted a course completion certificate indeed joined your course and completed as mentioned in the certificate.

This plugin lets you easily generate a unique certificate id associated with a user. Then it creates an online verification page where anyone, just by putting the unique id printed on the certificate can verify if the certificate indeed was issued by your website.
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eightLearndash Analytics

Learndash analytics is one of its kind of analytics for monitoring the progress of the Learndash courses. When you install the Learndash Analytics plugin along with its companion addon for Google spreadsheet , you as admin can see the activities of learners and various courses , not only on the wordpress site but also on Google spreadsheet and mobile apps.learndash analytics plugin

Not only that , two new analytics are added in new version . So now the group leaders can monitor the activities of their members. The users also can see the performance on the front page.

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nineLearndash Quiz Rating Plugin

learndash quiz ratingsLearndash quiz rating plugin provides course creator to judge the quality of the quiz from learner’s perspective. When you install the plugin , a popup will appear when a user completes a quiz. He has to rate the quiz either on five star ratings or by selecting -Easy, Hard or Very Hard.



tenLearndash Quiz Mixer Plugin

Learndash quiz mixer extension plugin allows you to create quizzes out of various quizzes already published. This facilities will enhance your course and will provide new ways to prepare test quiz papers for your learners.Learndash quiz mixer 2

  • Just install the Learndash QuizMixer plugin
  • Give the new quiz a name and describe the quiz(optional)
  • Then, it will give you chance to select the quiz by name or by category.
  • Give the number of quiz questions you desire to include in the new quiz.

Save…….that is it.

Now the new quiz will be listed on the quiz listing page.

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elevenLearnDash Quiz Timer Plugin

If you are saying the timer plugin is already there , then I don’t say , you are not correct , but this quiz timer plugin is different. Why ?? Because once you install it ,learndash quiz timer you can set the timer per question wise. It means , as a course creator you may set higher time for a quiz which is big or complex and less time for easy question………timer will run in accordance with quiz time set for each question and not just an aggregate time for a quiz .

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New Entry

Learndash Quiz Negative Marking Pluginlearndash Negative Marking

The Learndash Quiz Negative Marking Plugin allows the course or quiz creator to place a negative score that will be deducted everytime a quiz question is attempted but answered incorrectly. Right now the negative marks can be placed only one type of questions – Single Answer Type MCQs. Here are the attributes of this plugin.
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