Excel 2 LearnDash Course Importer Plugin

Do you need an easy  way to create courses, lessons or topics ? There may just be a need to import various LearnDash courses along with lessons and topics , then there is good news for you. Now, it is a cakewalk for anyone . Use the excel spreadsheet for importing courses,lessons , topics, categories , tags , contents along with images. If you combine with another plugin Excel to LearnDash plugin for importing quizzes , you can now actually create the whole course ,lessons,topics with quizzes too!

How It Works

Once installed and activated you will see a link on left sidebar ” Excel to LearnDash Course ”  .

Click it and you get a button for selecting the Excel file /

Open special excel template file . Fill it properly.

This file needs to be imported.


Watch the Video on Excel 2 LearnDash Course Importer