Excel Quiz Importer for Sensei WordPress Plugin

Excel to Sensei WordPress plugin is the freshest and updated extension for Wootheme’s Sensei WordPress plugin. this nifty & small sized plugin  lets you import quiz questions directly from excel spreadsheet to the Sensei plugin on WordPress.

Well , as you know , creating & running online course on WordPress with the help of excellent WordPress plugin called Sensei is a breeze. This you can create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes. However , what will really take most of your time is adding question for quizzes .

Now creating these question one by one is a pain as it takes away major time to create the course. So not you have this extension plugin that gives you special excel spreadsheet template that you open fill up some columns and import . that it .

 Type of Questions  That you can Import

As you know the Sensei plugin plugin provides to course creator various types of question formats . Excel to Sensei supports almost all kinds of questions that you you can create on Sensei

  •  Multiple choice questions,
  • fill – gap type ,
  • Boolean type question ( True/False)
  • Single line Answer Type
  • Multiple line answe type

Watch the video on Working of Excel to Sensei Plugin

The example video is for Multiple Choice Questions


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