Excel to Learndash-Version-4 Released

After many coding hours ,we finally came out with version 4 of the Excel to LearnDash -Platinum edition. With this edition, you can now feel more power, enhanced productivity and considerable time savings beacuse , now onwards you can create mixed type quizzes. For that no extra effort required , but just  keep the quiz name same in each template that you use.

Please watch the video that explains this  improvement.


How to get version-4 ?

Everyone who bought platinum editition after 1st September 2017 will get the updated plugin for FREE !If you have bought after 1st September 2017, you will receive a mail.with link to download ………..by 17th of Feburary 2018..in case you did not receive th email , please raise a ticket quoting the ORDER NO and date with same email used for purchasing

Others will be charged a token sum of $ 25. Please apply by raising ticket  with subject “I need version 4”