Excel to Sensei is our new extension plugin for courseware plugins . The sensei learning management system lets educators to set up online courses through WordPress . What this extension offer is to make the lif eof the course creator easier . It lets you create quizzes on excel spreadsheet and then import all those quizzes directly to question bank within WordPress.

Types of Quizzes You Can Import to Sensei

Sensei provides various types quiz /question cerations . All these are saved in a question bank from where you can actually attach to Lessons of the courses . Excel to Sensei wordpress plugin lets you creat and import following types of quizzes :

  1. Multi-answer type (MCQs)
  2. Single Answer Types
  3. Fill Gap Types
  4. Multiline Types
  5. Boolean Types

Images to0 !

The extension plugin lets you import the imags that would like to be within question. For this you will have to put the ID of uploaded images in the columns assigned within special excel templates.

Watch the Video How Easily You Can Import Quizzes to Sensei