excelwpcourseware550x370-redWpcourseware wordpress plugin is an excellent plugin for creating online courses. But creating quizzes or questions by logging to wordpress and typing questions one by one, providing options , tags , hints , explanations about the quiz is quite tedious job . No doboubt wpcourseware provide a way to import questions on csv , but even that is not too simplisitic for many . So , in order to provide a simple way to create questions for various types of quizzes , Excel to Wpcourseware has been created .

What You Can Do with Excel to Wpcourseware plugin?

Now open the excel spreadsheet or even google spreadsheet and type your questions on a special template file which will be given with the extenstion plugin . You can create and import following types of quizzes:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions (text & image)
  2. True or False (Text & image)
  3. Open type

Not Just for Question Bank, Create Quiz

As you know the wpcourseware plugin provides for creation of questions within bank and also quizzes . After that questions can be attached to quizzes .With Excel to Wpcoursecouse extension plugin , you can directly create teh Quiz and attach the questions.