Plugins that Saves your valuable time

Here are our five plugins that will surely increase the productivity of all users of wonderful course-ware plugin called LearnDash

EXcel Quiz Importer Plugin

Its featherweight plugin that works very strongly by letting you create & import quiz question on excel spreadsheet.


  • One common excel template for amny quizzes imports
  • Quiz with images & video too
  • Custom score , Categories

Excel Course Importer

Open excel template provided with the plugin and start creating courses,lessons, topics with related categories , tags etc. The just import it. Every thing goes to perfect place in LearnDash


  • One Simple Excel Template
  • Just fill in Course,Lessons & Topics columns

Export Quiz to Excel or Doc Format

You can exports quiizzes from wordpress dashboard in one click.The quiz can be exported in either Doc or XLSX format.


  • Export in Doc format
  • Export in Excel Format
  • Just one click !

addNote Plugin for LearnDash

Give your students to write notes while going through your course materials . Th emoment notes are written it is automatically saved in his profile/admin page


  • Very easy to take notes
  • Note is saved automatically !

PLugins that increase productivity

Export Learndash Courses in Excel

Now you can easily export learndash courses by a click of button in WordPress admin dashboard. The export format is Excel /CSV . This is handy when you want toshift the learndash from one site to another

Aren't you by these time saving plugins?