google sheet to commerceGS2WPCommerce addon for google spreadsheet works with two separate  WordPress plugins-GS2WOO and GS2EDD . These plugins help every online shop owners who are using either woocommerce or easy digital download (EDD) for handling the ecommerce wordpress site. Once you install these plugins , you can create , post and update products on the woocommerce based site directly from the Google spreadsheet.  No more import of products via a comma separated value (CSV) or XML file imports that fails more often.

Once you install the plugin, you just have to open a Google sheet and fill in the rows with various details and URL for images ………..and your products will be published automatically on your site , the moment you (the admin ) logins to your site.

How to create products on Google Spreadsheet?

It is as easy as creating a data sheet for products. The steps to publish the products are as under :

Step 1: Install the GS2WOO or GS2EDD plugin  as the case maybe ( to be released soon !) on your WordPress site where woo-commerce is already installed .

Step 2: Add the Google Sheet addon

Step 3: Login with credentials given on setting page of wordpress plugin

Step 4: Fill up the special template that appears after login to your . The template is simple , will look like below

google sheet to woo-commerce


Step 5: After you fil in all data , PUBLISH the page (Addon=>Publish)

If you are already logged in to your website, it products will be live or in draft as you


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