Google Spreadsheet to Woocommerce Virtual Products

There may be many WordPress plugins that allows import of products from CSV , but now there is simple WordPress plugin that lets you create virtual products on your Google Spreadsheet and the moment you publish the sheet , the products are updated in your Woocommerce based WordPress site.The GSheetPress Shop WordPress plugin works with its companion Addon for Google Spreadsheet , called GSheetPress Shop,

GSheetPress Shop WordPress Plugin

GSheetPress Shop WordPress plugin allows a user to use Google Spreadsheet to create products in Woocommerce based virtual product stores. Further , you can also edit any thing related to products and update the same without even logging to your wordpress site. Right now GSheetPress Shop plugin is for digital products only. We will shortly publish another plugin for non-digital prodcucts also.

What fields can be imported from Google Sheet to Woo Commerce?

Right Now ,the plugin can import from Google Spreadsheet following fields

  • Post title,
  • Post Content,
  • Regular price,
  • Sale Price,
  • Product category,
  • Purchase Note,
  • Download file Name,
  • Download File URL
  • ,Product Image ID,
  • Download Limit etc…

Demo Video on Google Sheet to Woo Commerce

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