GS2WP Table Plugin for WordPress connects Google sheet and WordPress seamlessly. The plugin lets you create a table automatically on any post or page of WordPress.This page is containing various demos and help videos.

How to Create Credentials for To GS2WP Table Template ?

Here are the steps to follow in order to get login credentials for the GS2WP Table Template.

  1. Upload the GS2WP Table plugin, and activate it.
  2. Once you activate it, click settings on sidebar menu that will ask you to set a one time password .
  3. Once you set the password, your setting page will always show three information , all of which will be required for login to GS2WP table template on through the Google Sheet.
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How to Login To GS2WP Table Template ?

Now that you have set your database password and got three important information that constitute credentials for the login to Google sheet template , you need to take following steps:

  1. Open a new Google Spreadsheet
  2. Install the Google Sheet add-on for GS2WP by clicking Extensions==>Addons==>Get Adonis (search GS2WP table)
  3. Once add-on is installed, click login under the GS2WP Table and a sidebar opens , asking for three informations
    1. Email
    2. URL
    3. Passwords. (all those are written on your wp setting page for GS2WP table )

Input those and you will get a login success message.

How to Create & Publish the Table after Login?

Just create new table. You have two choice Real Time & Simple. In real time , your data is updated in almost seconds . See the video below for a demo on creating a table on Google sheet and displaying it on your website.

How to customise or format a table ?

You can customise a published table in various ways. You can colour the rows and cell in the google sheet and it will take effect on the WordPress table instantly. Or you can also use a customiser within the WordPress customiser. See the demo video below :

How to Publish only One Cell of Google Sheet on Your WordPress?

With GS2WP Table plugin , you get power to display only one cell in your post or page . The magic happens through short-code created by the plugin that empowers to publish just a range or even one cell. See the video below :

How to Create a Searchable Database through GS2WP Table Plugin?

GS2WP Table has a search bar on top of the table . This can be used to use the Google Sheet as a database and put the search widgets on your website . When user searches, the result will come from a Google Sheet.

Support /Help for GS2WP Table

Please raise a ticket at our support site