How to Import Voiceovers to Learndash Course & Quiz

Import voiceover to learndash course

We have come out with a unique plugin that lets you embed streaming sound to images. The plugin creates shortcodes that can be pasted on anywhere on your WordPress site. If you combine it with Excel to LearnDash course importer plugin, you can quantum increase readership or users for your courses. Think of a scenario, your course is in English ……….and you have given option for course or quiz in Mexican or French ……….don’t you think even people having less knowledge of English can join / enrol to your course as they can listen in their mother tongue or even test knowledge on a quiz which maybe in English but is actually spoken in Mexican or French language

Video Import Voiceovers to Learndash

Similaraly you can also import voiceover or sounds to your quizzes . Watch the video