How to Build Video Course on LearnDash from Excel Spreadsheet ?

Video Course

As you know , we have already introduced the Excel to Learndash course importer plugin and with version 3 released yesterday , its capability has been enhanced tremedously. Now , a course creator can plan and create video on a special excel spreadsheet and just import it to create the whole progressive video course on learndash.

What can you import now in version 3 ?

Once you installed the Excel to LearnDash Course Import plugin , you will find a button for downloading the template. The template available is in CSV and in Excel format.

ldash course import


Once you have downloaded the template , just fill in Course and Lessons columns and the video links in the appropriate column. Apart from that , you can fill in following EIGHT fields related to progressive videos in the excel or CSV  template.

video fileds

After completing the file just , import it . Wow !All your progressive video course is set ! Watch a demo video