How to Create Fill the Blank or Gap Quiz on LearnDash?

how to create fill gap quiz

Fill the gap  or fill the blanks are very important type of quizzes for various kids of tests . For example this type of quizzes are best suited for the test of knowledge of English grammar . LearnDash provides facility for creation of fill up the blanks or fill the gap type quizzes. However instead of doing it manually , you can save on time immensely if you use our Excel to LearnDash Quiz extension plugin for LearnDash.  Its very simple process.


Step 1 : Open the Excel Template

Step 2: Just fill up the columns

Step 3 : Import excel quiz file to Learndash.

Just keep in mind that the gap is to be written within

  • {….} ….    I love{ mango}.  It will show like  I love……and if you want to write more than one answers that is correct for the fill the gap …then write
  • {.[mango] [apple] [peach]…}   so any of these three- mango , apple or peach will be taken as correct answer

Watch the video on Fill the Gap Quiz in LearnDash