How to Create Mixed Quiz in Wp-Pro-Quiz ?

With the release of version four of the Wp-Pro-Quiz -Premium version , it is possible beautifully to create mixed types of quiz. What it means is that you can import various types of quizzes like- single answer types, multiple answer types, sort answer type, matrix sort answer type , fill the gap or Cloze answer type or assessment answer types or freeanswer types ……….all these types of question can become part of one quiz set.

Trick is to keep the quiz name same in every excel template you use.

Watch the Demo video on MT-Quiz-Import Version -4

How to get Version 4 of MT-Quiz-Import ?

If you bought the Mt-Quiz-Import plugin (premium version) on or after 1st September 2017 , you get free update. A mail will be sent to you. Else you can raised a ticket by giving the mail address used for buying and purchase number

For buyers of earlier dates, $ 30 ( thirty only) required to be paid