How to Create Quiz Out of Published Quizzes in Learndash ?

Learndash allows at least seven types of quizzes for its courses. These quizzes are attached to topics or lessons . The test of user’s (learners) understanding of various lessons and topics are done through quizzes. What if you want to test your users by mixing quiz questions from various quizzes already published for a course. Right now , there is no way that you can create fresh set of quiz out of published quizzes in learndash.

Enter Learndash Quiz Mixer Plugin

Now it is possible to create a set of quiz out of published quiz . And , this new quiz can contain various types of quizzes in one set . For example, say , you have already published quizzes named- Physics (single answer type) , Chemistry (multiple answer type) and Biology (cloze answer type). You want to  create a mixed questions out those three quizzes.

Once you install the Learndash Quiz Mixer plugin, all the quizzes are available for selection. Just select the physics, chemistry and biology with required number of questions and save .

We have updated the Quiz Mixer plugin to Learndash Version 2.6 onwards.

Give the mixed quiz a number and voila ! Your new mixed quiz is created , listed with shortcode inside the quiz list.

Watch the Video on Demo of this Quiz Mixer

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