How to Embed Audio to Images in WordPress ?

If you want to embed audio in an images published on WordPress ,now it is possible . There maybe variety of reasons that the audio embedded to an image can be helpful to a site owner . First and foremost benefit is the enlargement of audience. Say , you have published a post which is relevant to Mexicans…..would it not be great if a small image or flag of Mexico is also placed just below the post . When the visitor to your post hovers over the image or clicks the  image, the sound or voice-over embedded to image will start streaming in Mexican language

Another use case can be a course created in language . But you find from analytics ,visitors from France. So you just place an image or flag of France that will stream courses in French when someone hovers over it.

Audio images plugin use case may be varied and as per your imagination. Think about comic book where each image has hidden voiceovers……..

Watch video on audio images

The aforesaid video is of basic version

Geo Version coming up !

But the Geo version is coming up in which images will be appearing as per the country of visitor. So , you can have many voice overs or sounds of different language , but image with sound will appear as per the country of the user..