How to Import Latex in Woo Sensei Easily ?

LaTeX is widely used in academia for publication of scientific documents in many fields, including mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics, etc. We have , experimented with Latex for Math and found that majority of latex can be easily imported  via our Excel to Sensei Quiz Import plugin .  This video post is a demonstration that if you know latex command for maths , you can easily create quizzes related to math subjects.

What You Need to Import Latex Math to Woo Sensei ?

Since math liberary of Latex language is required , you need it in order to parse the command. There is an easy solution for it.

  • 1, Install free plugin called Enable Latex ( any other latex plugin like MathJax will also be okay). But we found Enable latex quite compatible for latex -maths.
  • 2. Off Course our quiz import plugin -Excel to Sensei Quiz Import Plugin

After this , you just need to fill the CSV template ( downloaded  from the setting page ) and upload the csv. Voila!  Your math quizzes are in place.

Watch the Video on Importing Math Quizzes to Sensei

Important for Latex Command in Excel CSV !

Please note that when you fill the latex command, following points must be given attention to while filling the CSV template with latex commmand.

  1. Every command must be enclosed with [latex]…[/latex]
  2. The advanced characters like – frac, theta, Beta,Infinity etc require  DOUBLE backslash. This is the requirement for import through Excel to Sensei plugin becauseone backslash is for some reason are not imported.
Incorrect way Correct way Remarks
[latex]\frac{d}{dx}\left(x^2\right) = 2x[/latex [latex]\\frac{d}{dx}\\left(x^2\right) = 2x[/latex Mark double backslash