How to Import Math Quiz From Excel to Sensei ?

The good news is there for users who want to create quiz related to maths or science – physics or chemistry that require use of special sign and characters .Now Excel to Sensei Quiz Importer plugin allows you to import math questions with square root, cube root, square, cube or ivision sign and other special characters directly from excel spreadsheet to Woo Sensei based courseware WordPress site.

What You Need to Import Math or Sceince to Woo Sensei ?

While we do not claim that all kinds of special characters can be imported easily  . However , if you want to import, you can use HTML codes in questions and answer options for special characteers. How do you get the HTML codes for maths …….

asyjust visit the site link for math html codes .

In the questions or answer options, use the HTML codes. Watch the video below :

Demo of Importing Math Questions