How to Know Quality of Quizzes in a Learndash Course

Okay , you set up a very useful course using Learndash Courseware WordPress plugin with all the essential Lessons or topics . Further , you have also set up numerous quizzes for learners to practice and test their knowledge. But are you sure that the quiz questions set by you are not too easy or too hard . Maybe the quiz questions , you set are not being enjoyed by the participant of your course. How do you assess the quality of the quiz set from user’s perspective .

Learndash Quiz Quality Rating Plugin

After interviewing many users of our Excel to Learndash Quiz Import plugin , we came to conclusion that there is no way a course creator can assess the quality of quiz from the course takers. So we created LearnDash Quiz Ratings Plugin

Video on LearnDash Quiz Quality Ratings

Star Ratings for Learndash Quiz

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