How to Use Excel and Latex for Math Quiz Import to Learndash

There is good news for every one who uses Platinum version of Excel to LearnDash Quiz importer. After adding the facility to create and import mixed type quiz , we have optimized the plugin for importing math quizzes through latex. In fact many creative individual who are experts in Latex language will find this excel based quiz import plugin to create quizzes in other scientific subjects as well.

What is latex ?

LaTeX is a document preparation system used to produce an output file (such as PDF or DVI) suitable for printing or digital distribution. LaTeX is widely used in academia for the communication and publication of scientific documents in many fields, including mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering, chemistry, physics, economics, linguistics, quantitative psychology, philosophy, and political science. It also has a prominent role in the preparation and publication of books and articles that contain complex multilingual materials, such as Tamil, Sanskrit and Greek.


How to Import Math Questions Created through Latex to LearnDash  ?


The first prerequisite is that you have basic understanding of latex language. If you can write in latex, then open the given excel template with the plugin and fill in the question and option. Important point to remember is that you need to close the questions and options with latex tags…………

[latex] write her [/latex]


Watch the video for demo of import of latex quiz