How WordpRess Can Increase App Downloads ?

After one creates a mobile app , he/she starts thinking what are the best ways to market an app  or how to promote an app on social media or app promotion sites . Here is a new WordPress plugin trick which can be easily applied by you .

As you know, people are visiting websites more on mobile devices than either desktops or laptops. Go to google analytics or other analytics and see how many people are visiting your site on mobile devices. You will be shocked !  99% chances are that your website is also visited most of the time on mobile devices only. 

If you have a WordPress site and have also mobile apps listed on any ……….or all the three major mobile stores-Googleplay ……or Apple store or ……..Windows Phone Store  , there is a GOOD NEWS ! There is no need for app promotion services or succumbing to app promotion offers from various sites who are interested in milking money only.

A new WordPress plugin called Promote Your APP has arrived which will totally change your mobile app promotion strategies!

Install it on your WordPress site , paste mobile app store links and your app installs will shoot up next minute only.

It is that simple!

Let us see , how it happens !

Say, a person visits your website on his android device,……………… he will get a pop up on his mobile device that asks him ……………..“ Do you want to install our app ? “

If he answer YES, he will be taken straight to Google Play page for the app .

User will click the install button , because he OPTED for downloading the app.

So, do you still want to know how to promote an app on google play


If he clicks, No, the pop box will vanish.

Similarly, say another person visits your site on his iPhone or iPad , same popup box will appear to his iPhone device also . But if he clicks YES, he will be taken to app page on apple store. So, he can clicks that and install the iPhone app.

Same thing happens for windows phone. Buy Now !

Here are 4 Clear Benefits of Using Promote Your App WordPress Plugin !

  1. Visitors of your website are redirected to download your app when they say YES. Thus , your mobile app downloads increase manifold.
  2. You don’t spend a penny for the daily installs of your mobile app. Actually 24×7
  3. Only those persons are installing your app who are interested in your website content. That means less and less uninstall of app .
  4. Once you install and set up , you do not require to do any labour or further work for those new installs of your app.