Import Export Error : Absence of ZipArchive for Php is No 1 Reason

ziparchive install

This post is being written after we found that many web hosts do not install one very important library for the PHP – ZipArchive . In fact the problem is reported with PHP-7 version , so when upgrading to PHP 7, you should make sure to install the PHP 7 versions of libraries – that includes ZipArchive liberary – as well.  The result is that when you install any import or export plugins like- Learndash Quiz Import Plugin or Learndash Course Export or Sensei Quiz Import or LifterLMS plugin for import or export – that require import from excel or csv or export to excel or CSV , you will find the plugin just does not produce any result. The symptom of “nothing happening ” may just be indicative of the absence of the Php Class or library called Zip Archive.

How to install the Zip Archive for Php on Your server ?

Easiest Way

The easiest way to contact the support of your webhost and ask them to install the ZipArchive library. If they have not, they will do for you.

If you want to do it yourself , the instruction may be varied , depending upon the webhosts . Here is list of you tube video , I find quite helpfule


Another one is here

For any CPanel