Import from Excel Math Types Questions to Wp-Pro-Quiz Plugin


Now easily import math questions , mcqs or quizzes from excel to Wp-Pro-Quiz wordpress plugin called Mt-Quiz-Import version 2 ..Writing math questions involves various kinds of signs like plus , minus , multiplication which are easy . But there are certain kinds of signs line division,square of a number or square root or cube root for which you will have to write the numbers in a different format altogether. For bloggers or quizzers or even those who run courses using LMS plugins like LearnDash , it is quite hard to type and publish maths questions

How to Easily Import Math Type Quiz from Excel to Wp-Pro-Quiz

As you have watched the teaser video on Wp-Pro-Quiz , you can create marvellous and useful quizzes on maths and other types with the new version of the Mt-Quiz-Import version 2

  1. Addition type, subsctraction, multiplication and devision types
  2. Square root
  3. Cube root
  4. Square

etc……….just use to to understand its true potential.

$ 125
  • Everything Standard ver.

  • 5 Options in MCQs Quiz
    Different Quizzes with questions

  • Custom score for each question
    Square root, Cube root import possible

  • Superscrip,subscript import possible
    Single Answer Typet & Multiple Answer Type from a single spreadsheet

  • Separate title for question
  • No restriction in question length
    This is a tooltip for the Business package.

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