Import Math Questions Via Latex to LifterLMS

LaTeX is widely used in academia for publication of scientific documents in many fields, including mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics, etc. We have , experimented with Latex for Math and found that majority of latex can be easily imported  via our Excel to LifterLMS Quiz Import plugin .  This video post is a demonstration that if you know latex command for maths , you can easily create quizzes related to math subjects.

What You Need to Import Latex Math to LifterLMS ?

Since math library of Latex language is required , you need it in order to parse the command. There is an easy solution for it.

  • 1, Install free plugin called Enable Latex ( any other latex plugin like MathJax will also be okay). But we found Enable latex quite compatible for latex -maths.
  • 2. Off Course our quiz import plugin -Excel to LifterLMS Quiz Import Plugin

After this , you just need to fill the CSV template ( downloaded  from the setting page ) and upload the csv. Voila!  Your math quizzes are in place.

Watch the Video on Importing Math Quizzes to LifterLMS