Math Quiz Using MathML in Learndash

math quiz

Math quiz in Learndash course, lesson, or topic is a breeze now! We have just added this capability in our Excel to LearnDash Quiz Importer Plugin that lets you easily import thousands of quizzes and even assign them to courses. All from one upload of an excel file.

What is MathML ?

MathML is a markup language that brings math and scientific content to the web. As you know mathematics and scientific subjects use many special characters that were not easy to write for the web pages. So, a new markup language named MathML is invented to facilitate the use of mathematical and scientific content on the Web. This new language enables encoding both the presentation of mathematical notation for high-quality visual display and mathematical content, for applications where the semantics plays more of a key role such as scientific software or voice synthesis.

How Excel To Learndash Quiz Importer Uses MathML to import Math Quiz ?

We have done some special programming in the plugin that leaves a user to just do one important thing to do while preparing (filling the question and answer options ) the special template file, and filling up the quiz questions title and answer options with the code in following formats.

<math xmlns="" display="block">

Your math MathML code here


Download the template file for guidance on the math quiz written in MathML.

Video on MathML Math Quiz Import