There are many free quiz plugins for WorPress . But most versatile among them , in my view is wp pro quiz plugin . It allows the quiz creator to build various types of quizzes including single choice, multiple choice, sorting (basic and matrix),matrix type and text entry. You can include multimedia (images and video) in both questions and answers, and use HTML. Questions can be categorized for easy organization.

Import Quizzes from Excel Spreadsheet

While the quiz plugin is excellent ,the question creation is pain . You will have to type each questions d various options fileds one by one and every time you create one question, you will have to save . THe process indeed takes a lot of time and server time. In order to overcome this problem , wppluginsforyou has brought to you a simple wordpress plugin called MT-Quiz-Import that lets you create the questions on excel sheet and then import . If you want to change any questions, just change on that excel file saved on your desktop and re-import it .

What Types of Quizzes You Can Import ?

Wp Pro quiz allows you create at least six types of quizzes. The plugin, depending on the version you are buying , will allow you to import all kinds of quizzes from excel spreadsheet to wp pro quiz directly. So, you can import multi answer type, single answer type, cloze type ,matrix type etc. That’s it. Watch the video below!