Learndash Course: Create Out of PDF on Google Drive!

Say you have 1000s of PDFs of course materials and you desire to usee these materials in PDF format to use as Course, Lessons and Topics of Learndash. You can now create the whole course, within an hour or less ( counted from uploading PDFs to your Google Drive to fill the excel template ( for our Learndash Course Import Plugin ) . Here is how you can do ..

What Do You need?

Two things other than Learndash Courseware plugin :

  1. Learndash Course Import Plugin
  2. Google Drive account ( you dont need Gsuit !)

Steps to Create LearnDash Course Out of Google Drive

Step1 : Upload PDFs to Google Drive .

Step 2 : Right-click on the pdf and click share, then click advance and allow public share. This is very important. Also do not forget to disable download pdf . See below

Step 3 : Copy the link and replace last part “view?usp=sharing” with preview ……………so if the link is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fghFl_iMRsMUMvV72BiI0NBITIqno1u1/view?usp=sharing

change it to


Step 4 : paste the above link in IFRAME code and give width and height ( as per your choice :

<iframe src="https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fghFl_iMRsMUMvV72BiI0NBITIqno1u1/preview" width="720" height="900"></iframe>

Step 5 : Open the excel spreadsheet template for the Learndash Course and paste the iframe code in course, lessons and topic wherever you want.

Step 6 : Once the file is prepared, login to your WordPress admin and upload the file using the Course Importer plugin.

Your course out of PDFs saved on Google Drive is ready!

Watch the Example Video

Learndash Course with Image ,Sound File & Video

Note : Progressive Video is not possible , because learndash has not optimized for video on G Drive