Learndash Custom User Imports & Exports : 2 New Plugins

Many Learndash Courseware customers  asked us for excel and CSV based custom user import and export plugin . So , keeping in mind their demand , we have released two new  extension plugins for the Learndash  users.First one is Learndash Custom User Enrollment Plugin and the second one is complementary plugin – Learndash User Export Plugin.

Learndash Custom User Enrollment Plugin

Using this plugin , you can import users to various courses and also assign directly to groups . You can also import users directly as if they have completed the course . This requirement was argued by some customers . Apart from that , you can also import various details -like organization , purchase reference numbers that are reflected in the personal profile page of imported users. All this can be done through a simple template file -excel or CSV .


Demo Video on Custom User Import

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Learndash User Export Plugin

We have created the export plugin to export user data , same as the user date that was imported. The Learndash User Export plugin lets you export either all users or export users enrolled to a course or courses or only to a selective groups.

Demo Video on LearnDash User Export

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