New ! Learndash Quiz Import-Export WordPress Plugin

learndash quiz import
learndash quiz import

Are you tired of creating and managing quizzes manually? Do you want to streamline the process and save time? Look no further than the Learndash Quiz Import Export WordPress Plugin. This plugin combines two powerful plugins in one – Learndash Quiz Import Plugin and Learndash Quiz export Plugin in one, making it easier than ever to import and export quizzes.

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🔹Features of learndash import quiz from excel

The motto of the Learndash import quiz from excel spreadsheet or CSV is to increase the productivity by reducing the time taken for creating quizzes and assiging them to courses.Here are its amazing features :

✅ Easy Excel/CSV Template Import

With the Learndash Quiz Import Export WordPress Plugin, you can import quizzes through an easy excel or CSV template. This makes it incredibly easy to create and manage quizzes, especially if you have a large number of questions or quizzes that you need to create.

✅ Thousands of Questions Imported in Minutes

In addition, this plugin allows you to import thousands of questions in just a few minutes.

✅ Import Quizzes in Any Language

And if you have a multilingual audience or if you want to create quizzes in a language other than English, this plugin supports the import of quizzes in any language you want.

✅ Import Math and Science Quizzes with MathML/Latex

If you need to create quizzes that require advanced mathematical or scientific formulas, the Learndash Quiz Import Export WordPress Plugin supports the import of math and science quizzes that require special characters by using MathML or Latex language. This is a unique and powerful feature that sets this plugin apart from others in the market.

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✅ Assign Quizzes to Courses Directly from Spreadsheet

You can also assign quizzes to courses directly from the spreadsheet, which saves you a lot of time and hassle, especially if you need to create multiple quizzes for multiple courses.

✅ Import Image, Video, or Audio Quizzes from Excel/CSV Spreadsheet

And finally, this plugin allows you to import image, video, or audio quizzes directly from the excel or CSV spreadsheet. This is particularly useful if you need to create multimedia quizzes that require images, videos, or audio.

🔹Features of Learndash Quiz Export

Not only does the Learndash Quiz Import Export WordPress Plugin allow you to import quizzes, but it also allows you to export quizzes to an excel or CSV file. This is particularly useful if you need to migrate your quizzes to another LMS website. And the template for export is closely similar to the template for import, which makes the process of exporting quizzes a breeze.

✅ Coursewise or Categorywise Quiz Export Options

In addition, you can export quizzes either coursewise or category wise. This gives you greater flexibility and control over the exporting process, making it easier to manage your quizzes effectively.

💰 Attractively Priced Plugin Combining Two in One.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline the process of creating and managing quizzes, the Learndash Quiz Import Export WordPress Plugin is an excellent choice. With its powerful features for both importing and exporting quizzes, it offers unmatched flexibility and control over the quiz creation process.

And because it’s attractively priced, you won’t have to break the bank to take advantage of all the benefits this plugin has to offer. So why wait? Try the Learndash Quiz Import Export WordPress Plugin today and see for yourself how it can help you create and manage quizzes more efficiently than ever before.