Easily Create Learndash Random Quiz Dynamically ?

learndash dynamic quiz

Learndash dynamic quiz and displaying it randomly is possible through a new amazing plugin QuizMixer . Yes, this plugin will let you use single or multiple correct answer type( two out of eight types of quizzes ) that can be assigned to a course in lessons or topics . This quiz mixing plugin also provides in its settings not only dynamic selection of quiz ,but also categorise new mixed quiz in new categories. Learn how to create categories for quiz?

How to create Learndash random quiz dynamically?

A ‘Category Based Quiz’ would allow you to dynamically pull in a specified number of random questions (belonging to a particular category) from your quiz bank. In this case, suppose that you have already created quizzes under different categories are ‘Physics’, ‘Biology’, ‘Math’ and the like.Say each categories have 100 questions .

You can fetch 10 questions from each of these categories- ‘Physics’, ‘Biology’, ‘Math’ and create a new mixed quiz .Isn’t it amazing ?

Learndash random quiz demo video

When you create new mixed quiz out of already existing categories of quizzes, you can also tick “Randomise ” which is on the left bottom part of Mixed Quiz plugin settings and put a lower number of quizzes to display. For example , set 10 out of 30 quiz questions available in new mixed quiz. See the demo video below

Thus , the Learndash quiz creation is revolutionised way beyond any other WordPress LMS

Tips on displaying new quiz

The plugin has set the function to pick the question randomly for displaying to users of your course. Every time the quiz question is fetched, it will pick questions randomly. So, more the questions and less the numbers of question to display , better will be the randomness. For example if the mixed quiz is containing 30 questions and you are displaying 10 , some questions may be repeated. But if you create a mixed quiz of size 50 and then display 10 out of 50 quiz questions, the chance of questions being repeated will go down considerably.