Learndash : Redirect Visitors from Course Content Table to Any Page?

Do you want to send or redirect the visitors to a LearnDash course page to another specific page if they click on the course contents. It can be easily done. This can be easily done . Just follow the steps

Step 1 : Download Code Snippets WordPress plugin

Step 2: Create New and paste the code given below and change the URL ( learndash.com )with what wherever you want to redirect)

Step 3 : Select Only run on site front-end below the code editor.

add_filter( "learndash_access_redirect", "ldfb_content_table_redirect", 10, 2 );

function ldfb_content_table_redirect() {

 $link = "https://learndash.com/";
 return $link;


Step4 : Click save and activate . Thats it!

Demo Video