LearnDash Tutorial: How To Enable EDIT button in User’s Profile Page

edit learndash user profile

Even if you do not use any membership plugin, you can enable a user to edit his/her profile from the exclusive profile page that Admin can easily by using the shortcode provided by LearnDash – [ls_profile]. Now on that page if you wish, you can enable edit functionality for the user to edit their profile. This is done through a four line code that you need to paste carefully in the function.php page (But there is better way to do it , so that your site never crashes on account of any error})

Three Steps for Enabling Edit on Profile Page

Step 1: Install Code Snippet plugin . This will make life easier for inserting code.

Step 2: Copy the code given below and change the URL of page that contains [ld_profile] shortcode

add_filter( 'get_edit_user_link', function( $link, $user_id ) {
	$link = "https://www.google.com/";
	return $link;
}, 30, 2 );

Change the Page link ( replace https://www.google.com ” with your profile page ( page in which [ld_profile] was pasted

Step 3: Create New in Code Snippet, paste and save

Watch the video on Learndash User Profile Edit