Learndash Tutorial :How to Remove Mark Complete Button

mark complete button

Learndash lessons have the buttton “Mark Complete ” that at times become a source of confusion for learners .For example , there may be two buttons available after a quiz is completed -one for quiz completion and another lessons completed.  Another example can be -suppose you have set up a courses where the main method of teaching is through quizzes. So , if you have set up one or two lessons just as an introduction, the Mark Complete button on the lesson page will confuse learners. They may keep clicking the ‘mark complete’ button which is not required ..

Paste Code to Remove

// Autocomplete function hookup
add_action("wp", "custom_learndash_automatically_mark_complete");
//function for Mark Complete Button Removal
function custom_learndash_automatically_mark_complete() { 
  global $post, $current_user; 
  $excluded_courses = array(1234, 5674, 6785);

  $course_id = learndash_get_course_id(); 
  if(empty($course_id) || in_array($course_id, $excluded_courses)) 

  if( !empty($current_user->ID) && !empty($post->post_type) && $post->post_type == "sfwd-lessons") { 
    learndash_process_mark_complete($current_user->ID, $post->ID); 

  if( !empty($current_user->ID) && !empty($post->post_type) && $post->post_type == "sfwd-topic") { 
    learndash_process_mark_complete($current_user->ID, $post->ID); 

Video on Mark Complete Button Removal