Learndash Tutorials: How to Show Random Quiz Questions to Different Users

Let us say, you any many quiz sets for Learndash course and you desire to create new sets of quizzes by mixing questions. This will not only give many better test sets out of same questions bank in a quiz , but also increase number of tests. The mixing of quiz and create another quiz is made possible by our Learndash Quiz Mixer Plugin?

Ramdomizing The Quiz Display

Learndash does not have the capability of randomizing the quiz . It can randomize only the order of the questions or answer options order. But when you create a mixed quiz, then by showing a smaller subset and clicking randomize option will actually randomize the display different quizzzes to different person.

Note : some of the questions of mixed quiz may be same for every student because, in the random selection, some question may be selected again and again

Demo of Mixing Quiz & Random Display