Learndash Video Course or Audio Course Using Presto Player in Minutes!

Learndash video course
learndash video course

Learndash video course or audio courses using the amazing Presto player plugin is really a game-changing combination. But what if we suggest that you can even make the whole exercise of creating audio or video courses on Learndash in a jiffy if you import the audio or video Presto player embed code using our Learndash course importer plugin?

Why Presto Player Plugin for Learndash

How to Import Learndash Video Courses Using Presto Player Embed Code?

Our Learndash Course Import plugin gives you the option to import Presto Player embed code for video easily. The demo video below is for that. Watch the last minutes to know how easily you can bulk import Presto Plyer videos to Learndash courses.

How to Import Learndash Audio Courses Using Presto Player Embed Code?

Similar to Presto Player embed code for videos, you can also import audio codes using the Learndash course import plugin. Watch the demo below :