How to Design LearnDash Site Using Oxygen Builder?

oxygen builder
oxygen builder

Oxygen builder is a revolutionary page builder plugin for WordPress and specially for Learndash. If you have even little bit of designing knowledge, you can try to design your Learndash or any other LMS site with this plugin. The page builder plugin is quite different from others and technically far superior . One of the USP of this WordPress theme creator is that the times are without any bloat . Read this article on blazing fast LMS Website.

Why Oxygen Builder is Perfect Match for Learndash?

One of the major drawback reported by users is the slow page speed of LearnDash website. From our experience , it is not just LearnDash , but the themes and plugins that are used makes its course , lessons of topic page slow .Many LearnDash sites uses theme/ builders like Divi or Elementor or Beaver Builder and other themes. These themes and page builder leaves behind Bloats and unused Scripts that hinders loading speed of the site. Oxygen builder does not leave any unnecessary scripts or boats . Therefore size of the created pages are small and without any redirections. So, it is beneficial for any LearnDash website creator to use oxygen builder for carting front pages of the course.

Demo Video on How to Use Oxygen Builder for LearnDash Site?

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Surprisingly, the Learndash itself has not provided any clue how oxygen builder stacks up with Elementor or Weaver or Divi . Maybe , for a business reasons, the Elementor is preferred , But in our view , best page builder is oxygen builder , if you want a very fast ,bloat free LearnDash website.

How to Use LearnDash Focus Mode with Oxygen

LearnDash v3 introduces Focus Mode that aims to eliminate distractions and streamline the user’s experience.Focus Mode is applied to the following post types:

  • Lessons
  • Topics
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments

To use Focus Mode in Oxygen, you need to create a template applied to those four post types. If you have other templates that could apply to the post types, give the new template a higher priority so that it can override the existing template.

After saveing the template, edit it with Oxygen. Add a Section element to the builder. Inside the Section, add a Text element and a Shortcode element. Add the [quizinfo] shortcode to the Shortcode element.

The text element will be used to get the lesson, topic, quiz and assignment content dynamically. To do this, double click the text element and click Insert Data on the top bar. Select “Content” and click the Done button. [read article ]