Learnpress LMS quiz: How to import Fill-in-Blanks type Quizzes?

Learnpress LMS quiz has just been given a fillip by integrating the four types of Fill-in-Blanks quizzes. For this reason, we have updated our learnpress quiz import plugin as well.

4 Types of Fill-in-Blanks Questions

There are four types of Fill-in-Blank type quizzes that are possible in learnpress LMS.

  1.  Match Case,- In this case , if two words matches case wise , the answer will be correct . In otherwords, matching is case sensitive.
  2. Equal -In this case two words should match equally.
  3. Range -In this case , you put two numbers that demetermines a range of values. For example if you write 34 , 100 , then any number writen within this range will be correct answer .
  4. Any

How to Write Four Types of Fill-in-Blanks type quizzes?

March Case- Write like Where in India is Tajmahal sitiuated? [fib fill=”Agra in UP” comparison=”any” match_case=”true”]

Equal– example The oldest city of Pakistan is [fib fill=”Islamabad” comparison=”equal”]

Range– Example- You can select number in range [fib fill=”1990, 2000″ comparison=”range”].

Match Any-Example – Enter any fruit which is rich in vitamin A [fib fill=“Sweet Potato,Carrot, Cantaloupe” comparison=”any”]

Demo of LearnPress Fill-n-Blanks Type Quiz

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