Online Shop from Google Sheet

google sheet to woo or edd

It is settled now that WordPress is the most popular way to create an eCommerce store and also a most popular way to create a sore on WordPress is by use of WooCommerce plugin and second-most popular option is the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. Both these plugins allow you to create store for selling physical as well as digital products.

Inventory Management in Woo or EDD

If you want to sell just a few products, managing inventories is not a problem. But if you have hundreds of products, the inventories management certainly pose a problem. Further creation of a store with hundreds of product shall take enormous time. So , we thought to use Google sheet to create or publish the products within your shop and edit whenever required.

3 Google Sheet Product for Your Online Shop

These are :

Demo of SheetPress Woo Shop

Demo of GheetPress Shop

Demo of GheetPress to EDD