Audio Image -Basic WordPress Plugin

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If you want to embed audio in images published on WordPress, now it is possible. There may be a variety of reasons that the audio embedded to an image can be helpful to a site owner.

What are the use cases of the audio image plugin?

Some of the use cases of the power of music on hover on an image on a website are :

  1. Webpages related to children: If you are using images of fruits, plants, birds, animals can have sound attached to it. So, when the mouse is hovered by kids on such images relevant sound will make their learning or story more entertaining
  2. Courses on music: If you are a musician and have started an online course, you can actually create a multiple-choice questions quiz with music notes as answers options. [watch the demo video below]
  3. Voice Help: If you want to put a small help invoice , then place a help icon with the attached voice.

Your imagination is the limit for this!


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Audio Image -Basic WordPress Plugin
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