GSheetPress Quiz

$69.00 / year with a 7-day free trial

GsheetPress Quiz is a SaaS product to create the quiz out of Google Spreadsheet and publish the quiz. Then you can display the quiz anywhere through the code provided therein.

Following are the features of creating quizzes using GS2Web SaaS quiz

    1. Once you log in to your Google Sheet, you can create thousands of quizzes on a single site. At present, single answer type MCQs and True /False Type questions enable. ( We are working on other types of quizzes as well…)
    2. The quiz can be published on any post or page where you paste the iframe code which is generated automatically in the link sheet of the GS2Web SaaS quiz workbook.
    3. You can give detailed answers for correct answers and also anything that you want for an incorrect answer.
    4. Questions can have Images
    5. Questions can have videos
    6. Admin can set a timer for each question.
    7. You can set a custom score for each question
    8. At the end of the quiz, the result is shown to the user
    9. Users can receive the result in mail
    10. Unregistered users will have to share mail to get the result. This can be used by Admin for lead generations
    11. Questions are displayed one by one ….maximum questions that can be displayed in one quiz is set at 50
    12. The questions are selected at RANDOM