Learndash Sticky Q & A Plugin

$99.00 / year

Learndash Sticky Q&A (Question & Answer) plugin is our newest tool for Learndash based course creators. Once you install this, your course delivery will enhance multifold because your student will be able clear his or her doubts or ask questions on any course or lesson or topic in a way, that was always aspired for. That is, raising doubt at a place on the content, where a student has doubt. So, if the student has a doubt or question on the first paragraph, he/she can raise the question exactly that place.

Features of Learndash Sticky Q & A

  1. Question by students in any place he/she wants
  2. The course teachers get notification of students’ doubts automatically in his/her dashboard and by mail?
  3. The teacher can reply to the question from his dashboard.
  4. The question & answer can be read by other students.
  5. Other students can participate in the said question /doubts in the same widget
  6. Students can make private notes which is visible to only him.
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