Sensei Course Export Plugin Version 2 Released !

how to export sensei course to excel 1

Woo Sensei Export Plugin has got a major update and a lot more choices for the user of this extension plugin for woo sensei. So what are the new changes? Now you can export  courses with the following choices

(i) Export all published courses along with lessons

(ii) Export, only courses that are in Draft

(iii) Export only selective courses

(iv) Within courses, now you can select whether you want to export only published lessons  or  only draft lesssons

Demo Video on Version 2 of Woo Sensei Course Export Plugin

Want to upgrade?

Those who bought this plugin within SIX months from release version 2 ( 13/09/2018).will get an email for FREE update. They can also drop an email at [email protected]

Those, bought earlier than that and want to upgrade, can buy the upgrade with $ 29 . Please contact us for special link for upgrade.

All others can buy Buy Now