How to Import Math Quiz in Tutor LMS?

Tutor LMS courseware is a fantastic courseware plugin and constantly upgrading its offerings for course creators. So, we thought to add value to it by creating a plugin that can let users create thousands of math quizzes for courses based on this courseware plugin. Just import it!

Tutor LMS Math Quiz Using Latex

Typing maths is not an easy task because it requires the use of special characters as well as special arrangements in formulas and various kinds of sums. This is solved by the use of Latex language. So, any math question or scientific formula that you want to write can be written easily in Latex

MathJax WordPress plugin is a wonderful free plugin that brings latex to life by parsing for HTML using javascript. So, basically, MathJax is a display mechanism for mathematics. It displays math questions, symbols, and characters in all browsers. 

In Tutor LMS, you can create quiz questions using latex. But if you want to shorten the time period of setting up the course, use our premium plugin for importing quizzes to Tutorlms directly from excel or CSV. Watch the demo below , how easy it is to import math quizzes to Tutor LMS

Important Note About MathJax Code

Have you seen our course importer plugin for tutor LMS

There are 3 types of opening and closing tags to initialize the Latex code.

Those are. 

[latex] your code here [/latex]
$$ your code here $$ 
\( your code here \))

In some cases the [latex] shortcode might not work. In that case, you might need to use the alternatives such as $$...$$ and \(...\))